What’s Motion Score?

MotionScore is a new technology for controlling and editing the movement of CG characters and robot. By notating human motion into a MIDI, it becomes possible to control the motion data more flexible.

We expressed the individual poses which constitute motion through three angles of 18 bones. We arrange the angle for each tempo, and map it to the note of MIDI. We succeeded in converting motions into a music score and controlling motion data as MIDI.

1. MotionScore enabled to Motions to follow BPM

MotionScore holds motion data of each beat. This enables MIDI's beat signal to play synchronously with the motion.

2. MotionScore enabled to Arrangement of motions in real time

By holding motion data with an unit of beat, on can intuitively arrange the motion. For example, he/she can change the motion of hand with the same steps in real time.

3. MotionScore enabled to Merge of motions in real time

MotionScore maps angles of each joint of his/her body with the MIDI channels. This enhances the range of merging motion data such as merging of upper and lower body, and merging of totally different motions.

Products using MotionScore

Using such MotionScore technology, we released GODJ Plus which provides the experience of his/her DJ avatar dancing on the floor.